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Here is a minimal blog and some basic info on me.  Lots more can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or any other social media stream I have going (see below). So this is just me, and basically how to reach me.

One of the things we like to do best

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I am a Missionary with the United Pentecostal Church to the country of Germany. I try to do all I can to serve God. I love to get the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ out in the open where people can see it, experience it, react to it and be changed by it.



This goes hand-in-hand with ministry: but the basis of it all is Christ. The power of the Holy Spirit is the power of Christ: the power of God in us.



I love working with people to make things better. I help businesses, churches and other organizations to use the Visual System of Work (VSOW) to improve.


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I am actually trained in CAD, mostly in SolidWorks, Alibre, AutoCAD, and CATIA. I also use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, Premiere and VSDC (video editing).


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I like data. Real data is better. I am a data-jockey-on-demand, mostly dealing in Excel and Access, dabbling into web data and apps.



I have worked in lighting for 20 years, automotive and general lighting, mostly pertaining to LED technology in many forms. I have worked in lighting design, testing, failure analysis and sales.

Latest News

Here are some things going on.  This section is not super-often updated, but when there are specific and special events, you can find them here!  If you do not feel like checking here manually, get notified by using visualping ( to update you!

Funeral for Dad

The current plan, due to COVID-19 restrictions and travel: > Service on 1 August, 2020, 12 Noon at Life Covenant Sanctuary, 5428 39th St E, Bradenton, FL, 34203 > Service[…]

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11 June, 2020 1

Newsletter DEC 2018

Here is a link to our newsletter!

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21 December, 2018 0


Did I ever mention that I love mobile access. Apps today that allow for posts and web updates from your phone are pretty nice to have…

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27 December, 2012 0

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